2017 Research Portfolio

Supplemental Project Index

NumberProgram NameSupplemental Projects
1P1 - Power Quality
18P18 - Electric Transportation
35P35 - Overhead Transmission
36P36 - Underground Transmission
37P37 - Substations
39P39 - Grid Operations
40P40 - Grid Planning
49P49 - Coal Combustion Products - Environmental Issues
50P50 - Manufactured Gas Plant Site Management
51P51 - Transmission and Distribution and ROW Environmental Issues
54P54 - Fish Protection at Electric Generating Facilities
56P56 - Effluent Guidelines and Water Quality Management
59P59 - Power Plant Multimedia Toxics Characterization
62P62 - Occupational Health and Safety
63P63 - Boiler Life and Availability Improvement
64P64 - Boiler and Turbine Steam and Cycle Chemistry
65P65 - Steam Turbines-Generators and Auxiliary Systems
66P66 - Fossil Fleet for Tomorrow
68P68 - Instrumentation, Controls and Automation
69P69 - Maintenance Management and Technology
71P71 - Combustion and Coal Quality Impacts
75P75 - Integrated Environmental Controls
77P77 - Continuous Emissions Monitoring
78P78 - Coal Combustion Product Use
79P79 - Combined Cycle Turbomachinery
87P87 - Fossil Materials and Repair
88P88 - Combined Cycle HRSG and Balance of Plant
91P91 - Air Quality Assessment of Ozone, Particulate Matter, Visibility and Deposition
92P92 - Assessment of Air Quality Impacts on Human Health
94P94 - Energy Storage and Distributed Generation
102P102 - Energy and Climate Policy Analysis
103P103 - Analysis of Environmental Policy Design, Implementation and Company Strategy
104P104 - Balance of Plant Systems and Equipment
108P108 - Operations Management and Technology
161P161 - Information and Communication Technology
162P162 - HVDC Transmission
165P165 - CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage
170P170 - End-Use Energy Efficiency and Demand Response
173P173 - Bulk Power System Integration of Variable Generation
174P174 - Integration of Distributed Energy Resources
178P178 - Technology Assessment, Market Analysis and Integrated Portfolio Planning
180P180 - Distribution Systems
182P182 - Understanding Electric Utility Customers
183P183 - Cyber Security and Privacy
185P185 - Water Management Technology
193P193 - Renewable Generation
194P194 - Heat Rate Improvement
195P195 - Endangered and Protected Species
199P199 - Electrification for Customer Productivity
200P200 - Distribution Operations & Planning