2017 Research Portfolio


EPRI’s Generation Sector provides information, processes and technologies to improve the flexibility, reliability, performance, and efficiency of the existing fossil-fueled and renewable energy generating fleet. These advances will play a critical role in a low-emissions, water-constrained future, enabling utilities to improve current assets and build new, more efficient generating units with advanced technologies that reduce fuel and water consumption, limit emissions, and enable assets to better respond to changing demands in operations.

Research Areas

Advanced Fossil Plants, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

New technologies and plant designs offering improved economic and environmental performance.

Combined Cycle

Tools and technologies to address critical issues affecting combustion turbine/combined cycle unit performance, reliability, and cost.

Environmental Controls

Develop and help members evaluate and implement technologies that can achieve compliance at minimum cost, risk and operational impact.

Materials and Chemistry

Advanced processes and materials to improve plant performance, reliability, and safety.

Major Component Reliability

Guidelines, tools and technologies to manage the critical components that represent the majority of availability loss and maintenance expenses.

Operations and Maintenance

Focuses on the needs for integrated processes, technologies, and skilled people in maintaining the availability of existing plants.

Power Plant Water Management

New technologies to help manage water use and wastewater treatment in power plants.


Inform decisions about central-station renewable energy asset performance, development and deployment.