2017 Research Portfolio


EPRI’s Environment sector provides global thought leadership to shape a sustainable future for electricity through collaborative environmental science and technology research.

EPRI Environment conducts cross-cutting science and technology research that addresses environmental, health, and economic issues from the generation, delivery, and use of electricity. Research focuses on air, land, water and energy challenges; informs public policy; enables sustainable practices; and improves occupational health and safety.

EPRI’s work in energy sustainability produces research and tools that help electric companies define, measure, benchmark, and achieve sustainability. For more information, see Energy Sustainability Interest Group and Sustainability Benchmarking for Utilities.

Research Areas

Strategic Analysis and Technology Assessments

Inform development of environmentally-protective, economically-efficient energy policy and generation planning.

Environmental Sciences: Groundwater and Land Management

Assess and remediate contaminated soil and groundwater while ensuring water quality and availability for power generation.

Workforce and the Public: Health Assessment and Safety

Provide health and safety research to protect workers and reduce workplace injuries.