Our Members

The worldwide membership that supports EPRI’s work and mission comprises more than 1,000 organizations. While most members are electric utilities, many are firms, government agencies, corporations, or public or private entities engaged in some aspect of the generation, delivery or use of electricity.

Members work collaboratively in advisory councils that help inform the development of our annual research portfolio. These advisors are fundamental to identifying the critical and emerging electricity industry issues that our research will address.

Each year, our members, along with executives, innovators and thought leaders from the electricity sector, convene at EPRI’s Summer Seminar to discuss industry challenges and opportunities. Over the years it has played a crucial role in shaping EPRI’s research portfolio and the future of electricity worldwide.

Member Funding

Because members pool their resources to fund research, development and demonstration programs (RD&D), they can realize as much as $10 worth of RD&D for each dollar invested. This creates financial and intellectual momentum that cannot otherwise be achieved by a single company’s effort.

Members choose from different funding options. “Base membership” offers access to all base programs in the annual research portfolio while “partial membership” allows members to select specific EPRI programs or projects for participation. In addition, non-member organizations may offer supplemental funding for projects or programs that are not offered in the annual portfolio but are tailored to a specific need. To address longer-term issues, we allocate a portion of membership funds to focus on longer-term research opportunities, and look for breakthrough technologies and innovations that can be applied in the electricity industry.


 The Value of an EPRI Membership

EPRI members realize the value of their membership through successful applications of the more than 1,000 research products we produce in a single year. Whether it is a resourceful new method for repairing a crack in a turbine or the improvement of a treatment process for power plant wastewater, EPRI’s work intends to help our members not only benefit the electricity industry, but the customers that they serve. Learn how EPRI’s work has made meaningful differences in its applications throughout the industry.

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