Our Business

The Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. conducts research and development relating to the generation, delivery and use of electricity for the benefit of the public. An independent, nonprofit organization, we bring together scientists and engineers as well as experts from academia and the industry to help address challenges in electricity.

Our research provides both short- and long-term solutions that enable the transformation of power systems to be more flexible, resilient and connected. Our ultimate goal is to provide society with safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible electricity.

For more information, read our short “Introducing EPRI” sheet or view our detailed 2017 Research Portfolio.

Our Value

  • Thought Leadership—thinking ahead to identify issues, technology gaps, and broader needs that can be addressed by effective research, development, and demonstration programs.
  • Industry Expertise—providing expertise across all major technical disciplines and from every stage of electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and end use.
  • Collaborative Value—bringing together our members and diverse scientific and technical communities to shape and drive research and development in the electricity sector.

Supplier Code of Conduct

As a non-profit scientific research organization, EPRI is committed to our core values which include integrity, objectivity, and public benefit. We aspire to interact and transact with honesty, transparency, fairness, and respect. Every action we take must be conducted ethically and beyond reproach. We conduct every aspect of our business free from favoritism, self-interest, and aim to avoid bias in judgment. Our actions and decisions demonstrate corporate responsibility which ultimately benefits society. This Supplier Code of Conduct expresses the expectations we hold for our vendors, contractors, and suppliers, and mirrors the standards we set for our own employees and other business associates. Thank you for your shared commitment to meeting these principles.

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EPRI Supplier Code of Conduct